The Abyss


I walk in darkness now
cloaked by memories
of past mistakes and sins,
unshakeable cold from the thought
of having hurt you
prodding me, pushing me
to the edge of the abyss

I trip on stones and crevices
hurting my feet
yet I complain not
the pain is due me
even lacking more cuts and bruises
the journey is arduous
I welcome the abyss

I’m unforgiven
this much is true
I can’t reach out
to touch you, to hug you
to make again tiny voices
that made you laugh with glee
I sense instead the abyss

how soon you’ve forgotten
the lullabyes and silly songs
the hamburger trips
with french fries and coke
the loss of a woman
we knew as Menmen
I’m close to the abyss

I deserve the loneliness
to be avoided at all cost
the kindness I’ve shown
erased by a single fault
leave me in the darkness
I walk alone
I am the abyss

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