Christmas Dinner Table

christmas dinner table

He looked at her across the table. She smiled. She lifted her wine glass in a playful toast as he did the same. She laughed with that lilting laughter, one of the things that enamored her to him. Then she mouthed the words, “I love you.”

He looked down at his empty plate as tears threatened to well up in his eyes.  He looked back up. 

She was no longer there as she passed on many years ago.

All he had were memories as he sat alone at the Christmas dinner table.

Bus Stop Encounter

He jumped off the bus as it slowed. He almost slammed into her when he hit the curb. Their eyes met and a sad recognition came as a slew of memories passed between them: the beach strolls, the mountain treks, the cooking fun, the bed cuddles…

Then the betrayal. The pain.

She gave him a half smile and turned away to walk towards the bus.

He headed towards his destination.

Only when he heard the bus leave did he look behind him.

At the back of the bus was an advertisement. It read, “Let the past roll away.”

He did.